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I am Scott AK6Q. This site is about my original and innovative SIDE KX accessories for your Elecraft KX3 radio, and now the PX3 Panadaptor.  I grew up in the mountains of Colorado and my passion is the great outdoors.  I prefer to be on a mountain rather than in the city.  This has driven me to develop the SIDE KX accessories.  I saw, as many have, a need for additional protection of this great radio.  My goal was to make the radio more pack friendly with a minimalist approach.  I strive to keep with the ‘Top Shelf Quality’ that Eric and Wayne have set as the standard for Elecraft. 

These products are used worldwide for the last year and have been proven on the "toughest of terrain.  Some of the feedback I have received is; “Why didn’t Elecraft do this from the beginning?” and  “It's nice to see a quality product still made in the U.S.”

With the release of the new PX3 Panadaptor, I now have Side KX ends and a matching Lexan cover for the PX3 display so your KX3 Line will be seamlessly integrated and more importantly PROTECTED.

I have listened to your requests and I have also created a cover for the paddle port on the front edge of the radio where a user would attach the KXPD key. I as well have in R&D a new mobile mount for both the KX3 and the PX3 so watch for updates here on these new products.

Recently there has been an attempt to copy my Side KX ends, please don’t be fooled into thinking these are the same.  My Lexan cover will not work with the copy ends.  Please keep in mind, I do not sell on Ebay, or any other locations on line.  This web site is the only place other than conventions I attend and sell in person, to get the real SIDE KX.

 At the request of many, I am also bringing you similar replacement end panels for the K-Line.  YES you will be able to get these same handled sides for your K3 and P3!  These are being cut and then off to powder coat!

I have also just released the new KXPA Mount plate.

PLASTIC UPDATENovember 13th:  The new (revision 3) injection mold is about done and ready for a trial run next week.  I am working with a new shop (number 4) on getting some vacuum formed parts made.  We have been able for form a few but there is a steep learning curve for them to get a good production run and we still have to get them trimmed.  They are reasonable in price but only able to run off hours as a side job, so it is a slow go.  

My Lexan polycarbonate covers are in back ordered status and have had signicant delays in fabrication, since May.  My origional fabricator is very ill and unable to return to the shop  His shop was quarentined and so were all of my molds until september. So I am doing a transition over from vacuum forming to injection molding.  This will benifit both me in time savings, and the consumer in an even better quality part.  Both parts will be made of the same smoked polycarbonate plastic.  Injection molding will yield a much better looking part and have a more consistant thickness in the corners.  Instead of getting about 100 vacuum formed parts in a two week run when I order, I will be able to get 500 injection molded parts in 1 day by eliminating the CNC milling trim process.  Now there a price to pay for this time savings.  That is the cost of a new mold and the time to have it made.

I have tried to find a temporary shop to vacuum form parts with the current mold but the cost is outragous at tripple per part. The market will not support this cost increase. 

  I sincerly appologize for these continued delays, most outside of my control.  I really do appreciate your patience.

73 Scott AK6Q


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