Get a Handle on Your Rig

Side KX

Original & Innovative Accessories for Elecraft Radios
Parts Available for:
- KX2
- KX3
- PX3
- K3/K3s & P3

Unique and Modern Design

KX3 Accessories

Side KX Will Make Your KX3 Ready For
Travel and Use in a Varienty of Conditions.
- Raised Handles on the Side Plates
- Injection Molded Cover
- Manufactured & Produced in the USA

Innovative & Compact Design

PX3 Accessories

Similar to the KX3 Accessories, Side KX
Will Make Your PX3 Ready for Travel!
- Raised Handles on End Plates
- Injection Molded Cover
- Completely Backpack Ready!


I have just added a Longer Back Leg and a  Beta VFO A knob for the KX2 radio please see the details on the Shop page!


  Mounting Brackets for the KX3 and PX3!

Seamless Design

The raised handles, and the thermal formed Poly-carbonate cover snap together seamlessly to save you time during use. Installation requires no tools, additional straps or removable parts.

Complete Protection

The Raised handles protect all of the knobs, buttons and delicate LCD display. When you add on the Poly-carbonate cover you increase the overall protection.

Backpack Friendly

The Side KX accessories give you peace of mind when it comes to your radio's safety, so your radio will be well protected even if you just tossed it into your backpack.

Made in USA

In order to ensure the ``top shelf quality`` set by Elecraft, all my Side KX accessories are designed, manufactured, and produced by professionals in the states.

KX2 End Panels & Cover


KX3 End Panels & Cover


PX3 End Panels & Cover


K3/K3s& P3 Panels


 I am Scott AK6Q and I grew up in Colorado.  I prefer to be on a mountain rather than in the city.  This drove me to develop the Side KX accessories. I saw, as many have, a need for additional protection initially for the KX3, then the PX3 and now the KX2!

My goal was to make the KX3 more pack friendly with a minimalist approach. After the development of replacement side panels for the KX3/PX3 and the KX2.  I developed a Poly-carbonate cover that attaches to the radio with no additional fasteners to further protect your radio.

I strive to seamlessly integrate and more importantly PROTECT the KX line and now the K- line.  As well as, keep with the ‘Top Shelf Quality’ that Eric Swartz and Wayne Burdick have set as the standard for Elecraft.

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